• Autism, ADHD
  • Anxiety, Depression, Behavior
  • Learning Disorders
  • Pre-Adoption Testing
  • Career Testing
  • And More 

Helping Children & Families Reach Their Full Potential

Dr. Benton is the Co-Founder of  Arkansas Families First, LLC

and Arkansas Therapist Connection!

Our goal is simple: To provide effective treatment and evaluations for children and families. 


Dr. Benton started practicing 2004 and opened an independent practice  in 2010. He specializes in Autism, ADHD and Anxiety disorders in children through his clinical work at Arkansas Families First.

He also co-founded Arkansas Therapist Connection in 2016, a business devoted to helping connect potential patients with independent practice providers and providers with practice enhancing resources and services.   

Adam H. Benton, PhD
Licensed Psychologist


Dr. Benton provides support to local schools and practice enhancing consultation to other clinicians and private practices across Arkansas. 


Adam Benton, PhD, provides behavioral, group and family therapies for children, teens and and families. Dr. Benton uses a strengths-based approach and parent involvement and support are always a key component.